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Gloria Meredith Photography bio picture

Hi 你好, I'm Gloria Meredith

When I am behind the camera, I'm a different person. My eyes and brain lock on you.  I put all the photography techiques I have been learning since a teen on my fingers and just focus on you.  I want to interact with you.  You are not alone before me because I am actually with you. I'm seeing the real you at that moment; the "you" that you might not have met.  Let's find it together.

Glad you are here.  


Olivia, 4 years old

Olivia just turned 4 years old.

Soden_10 copy

Soden_31 copy

Till next time.


Happy Birthday 李承娥!

For those of you who don’t know yet, today is Gloria’s birthday.  (She doesn’t know that I’m posting this.)  A very wise friend reminded me that women are actually very simple. What they want most is sweetness.  So, here’s my attempt.

I’ve known 承娥 for 19 years now, and been married to her for 17.  She is really something.

We met in Keelung, Taiwan in 1995.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that this was someone that I wanted to be with.


We both enjoy Don Henley, and I’ve often thought of one of his songs “Not enough love in the world” as being a theme song for us at various times.  I’ve often teased her with a few lines from the song:

“I’m not easy to live with, I know that it’s true

You’re no picnic either, babe and that’s one of the things I loved about you”

Those of you who know Gloria on a personal level would have to agree with me that she is very frank about most things and doesn’t wear much of a mask on her emotions.  I really love this about her, because I never need to wonder where I stand with her.

So, with my apologies to native Chinese speakers, here’s my attempt at a poem for Gloria:










Karl (梅子)

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December 25, 2013 - 2:09 pm Juying - Happy Birthday, Gloria! You actually can get your birthday/ Christmas gifts before your kids get theirs. What a sweet husband! I agree with what Karl describe of you 100%. You are lucky to have each other for eternity. I'm glad that I'm able to read this poem. That is a very romantic poem especially the last two lines. You should translate it to English too. Happy birthday & Merry Christmas!

November 30, 2014 - 7:47 pm Julienne - 無意間看到梅子寫給你的詩,好感動!還特別叫亞當來看。好久沒聯絡,但是知道你一切都好,又是12月了,祝你生日快樂還有聖誕快樂!

pictures of 2013 Holiday photo and card event

Wow! Two Saturdays in a row! There were total 23 kids.  I have been taking pictures of most of these kiddos since this event started in 2009.  Some of them have younger siblings now. It is always fun to see them again.  I feel like they are growing up before my eyes.

This year, we also had some new cuties-little ones and bigger ones.  You never know what they would react to me when they show up.  The sessions are short-20 minutes the most.  It’s interesting to see all different personalities and that makes this annual event even more exciting!

By the way, there are two sets of twins here.  Can you tell?

You are welcome to tag your pictures from my Facebook page here.  You could even “like” my page if you haven’t done so.



Till next time.