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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Welcome to Massachusetts–edited

So, we have been here a month.  Wow!
It’s really soothing driving in town now.  Trees are filling up leaves and flowers are blossoming.
However, there’s one thing bugging me whenever I am on the road.  People here seem to not obey the traffic rules that well.  When they are making a left hand turn on a...

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“R” family

I am so behind my editing.  I photographed my friend and her family before I moved. She was so patient waiting for her online gallery.  I thought she was going to sue me!! ^_^

We had fun…

Oh yeah! We had a lot of fun….

Till next time…

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Long time no see!

I know I know, I am a bad blogger.  Do you know that kind of person who procrastinates till the guilt is going to drive her/him insane?  Me.  That’s me.
So, we have been in Mass for almost three weeks.  Time flies.  So far so good.  My kids are adapting to the school pretty well.  My...

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